U Pick Flowers and Sunflower Field Experience


A field of bright yellow sunflowers is magnificent. The deep contrast between their dark centers ringed with cheerful lighter petals will draw your eye to a fence line every time. It’s also a marvel to watch the heads of sunflowers move in unison and turn to face the direction of the sun.

Every year during the first weekend of April we plant over an acre of sunflowers. Around the last weekend in May there will be a field of sunflowers for you to come and roam through until July 4th; you can pick your own bouquet, or purchase one of our pre-cut sunflower bunches and sunflower seeds!

We're located in Terrell, TX, just a short trip from Forney, Kaufman, and the greater Dallas area.

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Sunflowers in Bloom

Our beautiful flowers will be available for public picking in 2025. Our opening hours will be 8:30am to 2:00pm, Fridays and 8:30am - 5:00pm Saturdays from early June through July 4. Call our phone number for exact hours.

U-Pick Flowers and a Blackberry Lemonade

There is something inviting about a fresh bouquet of flowers whose fragrance graces all who enter your home. They can also remind you of the fun you had earlier that day as you went up and down rows and rows of flowers, hand-selecting all your favorite colors and blooms. At Hemingway Hill, we invite you to experience the fun of our u-pick flower field and fill a mason jar with a unique, gorgeous bouquet to take home you.

We’ll lend you some clippers and a container to put your flowers in as you search the flower rows for your favorites or get inspired by something new. When you are finished, enjoy one our refreshing signature blackberry honey lemonades and other food items from our ever-growing menu.

We also have pre-picked bunches of flowers for purchase! Grab a bouquet on your way home from work or stop and have a coffee and one of our signature apple cider donuts to relax while looking out into the flower fields.


Our bees love our flowers and make the most delicious honey

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Our Bees Love Our Flowers and Make the Most Delicious Honey

The hives are strategically placed in most tranquil section of the farm. Our bees are well cared for and share with us some of the most delicious honey, that has a delightful flower overtone. Our small batch honey is sold at the farm during u-pick tulips, u pick flowers and at Christmas and soon on line.

Our Hives

Bees depend on flower’s pollen and nectar. Help a bee out and plant a little patch of flowers We our sell top grade flower seeds at farm and soon, on line.


We Sell the Greatest Flower Seeds

Available for purchase at the farm on Fridays and Saturdays, with online sales coming soon.


Future Plans

Future plans for the farm include installing hundreds of regenerative grown hydrangeas and viburnum for future cut production. We are also building greenhouses to grow lisianthus, ranunculus, and many more select flowers. Stay tuned for exciting announcements as we expand our offerings!

Community Connections

Are you a florist, designer, or wedding planner looking for a locally grown flower resource? If so, you want to be on our inventory list and be the first to know when we have flowers to help make your event or storefront stunning.

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Are you a photographer searching for an exquisite place to shoot family photos? We offer seasonal fields of bluebonnets, one-hundred-year-old oak trees, fields of sunflowers or tulips, and old barn or Christmas trees.

Join our waitlist to be invited to our photographer open house! See you in the flower fields.

See You in the Flower Fields