Our Story


A Generational Blessing

It was my grandparents who blazed a path for farming in my family, growing hundreds of acres of cotton and wheat in Butler, Oklahoma. I followed in their footsteps when I was ten years old, landscaping my parents’ front yard while they were away with one-dollar azaleas and rhododendrons that I had spent months collecting from weekly trips to Pinewood Gardens in Andover, MA. I have always loved woody stems; for me, they represent the simple beauty of flowers and the joy of nature.

Every time I set foot on the soil of Hemingway Hill, I feel the heritage of my family. Hemingway represents a return to my roots after decades of building a successful insurance firm in Plano, TX, working with some of the brightest dentists and veterinarians across the country.

It was on a steamy one-hundred-degree day in July 2010 that an unforeseen opportunity presented itself. While picking blackberries in a pinstripe suit on U-pick fields (the pre-picked berries were already sold out), I noticed 60 acres for sale down the street. A month later, I owned that land, and the rest is history.

Reunited again with my farming roots and love of flowers I had since childhood, a lengthy and extensive restoration process on both farm and buildings began. I share details of this journey on my podcast Farm Portfolio, where I also talk about how to start a farm of your own, why it makes sense to have a farm in your investment portfolio, and how to set rain harvesting at your home.

Like a book with many chapters, I invite you into the pages of Hemingway’s story as it is being built. This young farm is in process, growing and expanding every year. We want you to experience unreasonably good hospitality, eat an incredibly delicious apple cider donut, and take home something beautiful with you, whether it be fresh, hand-picked flowers in the Spring and Summer or a Christmas tree and hand-tied wreaths during the holidays.

Most importantly, we want Hemingway Hill to be that peaceful place you come back to every season. We believe you will experience rhythm and connection here. There is so much truth in the notion that a change of place, plus a change of pace, equals a change in perspective. When seeds are planted in our soil, they take time to emerge and grow. We wait with cheerful expectation of enjoying their beauty. That perspective seeps into everything we do here at the farm. Rather than rushing (like we do in our everyday lives), the farm invites you into a calmer cadence. We hope you come soon, and come often, to experience the goodness of our farm. Dream of working on a farm during the day, on a weekend, or longer? Inquire here!

See you in the fields.

Jennifer Loyall