Why A Real Tree is the Best Choice at Christmastime

Christmas trees

Are you considering whether to purchase a real tree or “make the investment” into an artificial one this year? While there are some convenient aspects of fake trees, making the choice for a real one has multiple benefits. Not only for you and your family but also for your community and our environment. Let’s see why a real tree wins in the competition against artificial options.

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Picking Out a Real Tree is a Family Tradition for the Whole Family

Time reports that some of the earliest Christmas Tree markets were in 17th century Germany. In 1605, historian Flanders reports that pine trees first were brought indoors and decorated to celebrate Christmas. In 1848, Queen Victoria in Great Britain popularized a decorated Christmas tree with presents beneath. (Gift giving during the holiday also got a rejuvenation in the 1800’s)! Today, that early history has generated a tradition that marks Christmas. Is it Christmas without a tree? For some, perhaps, but for most of the world, a Christmas tree is a link to the traditions of the holiday.

Choosing a real Christmas tree was the only option for centuries. It has only been since 1964 that the artificial tree has become popular, dominating a portion of the market. But, real trees are holding their ground and even gaining in popularity over the last few years. Maybe the tragic effects of Covid-19 has caused us all to want to re-link arms with a warm and homey Christmas. And, while Christmas trees have a current shortage, they are also renewable. Just like the nostalgia of the olden days.

The Smell of a Real Christmas Tree Invites All Your Senses to Make Memories

One thing an artificial tree can’t do during the Christmas season is fill your house with the smell of Christmas. Conifers are generally the Christmas Tree of choice for many. They have a distinct smell, which for many people brings back memories of Christmas’s past. Why do they smell so good? A chemical compound, called terpenes.

According to Earth Sky, terpenes are made of carbon and hydrogen atoms, two atoms that trees store as food. Conifer trees store terpenes in their resin, which helps heal the tree when the bark is damaged. The sap also helps keep bugs that would eat the tree away and protects against fungal infections. This important compound has also been used for medical purposes as well, in anti-cancer and anti-malaria drugs.

So the next time you visit a Christmas tree farm and inhale the signature scent of Christmas, let it take you back to childhood Christmas’ around the tree. And start that tradition for your family. You can pre-order a real Christmas tree from HemingwayHill today! Our Dallas, TX Christmas Tree Farm is beginning to grow our own Christmas trees, and this year we will have pre-cut trees available for your Christmas holiday.

Instead of in a Landfill, A Real Christmas Tree Ends Up as a Biodegradable Recyclable Unit

Putting your used Christmas tree on the curb after Christmas may feel like a waste, but that’s not how you should look at it this year. Most towns and cities have a specific Christmas Tree pickup. Some even go through January, in case you are one of those families that can’t get enough Christmas cheer! When your tree is picked up by this service, it goes directly into biodegradable options to give it a second life.

The National Christmas Tree Association recommends that you recycle your real tree each year. There are many benefits to recycling. Some trees may be used as mulch, others as support to pond habitats and fish feeding. You can re-decorate it with bird-friendly foods, like orange slices, popcorn, and bagel/peanut butter/birdseed ornaments. Prop it up in your backyard and watch the winter birds, knowing you are helping them out with some yummy treats through the snow. Call your county and see if they can use the trees as wood chips for hiking trails. Or contact your local Boy Scouts organization and find out if they recycle trees for a fee. In some communities affected by frequent flooding, used Christmas trees can be helpful for soil erosion and bolstering lakes and creek banks.

You Support Small Businesses in America by Purchasing a Real Christmas Tree

Supporting your local economy boosts the quality of our towns and our lives. York Daily Record reports that Christmas Tree sales support over 100,000 jobs in the United States. A Dallas, TX Christmas Tree farm builds into the economy by shopping at stores for supplies, hiring seasonal workers to sell the trees, and partnering with local businesses for commission sales. And, a Christmas Tree farm in Dallas, TX devoted solely to trees may also support other local farmers who are offsetting their income with seasonal sales.

Most Christmas trees, even if they are in a big-box store, are sourced from local farmers. Some farms offset their business with Christmas Tree sales, while others are full-time tree farms, with the families’ income relying solely on Christmas Tree sales. So when you purchase a real tree, you are supporting your local neighbor. Often run as small businesses, these local farmers take great effort and pride in producing healthy and handsome trees. And, even though the price may be going up due to the shortage of trees, you can know that the expense each year is helping feed a family.

The Cost to Purchase a Real Tree Supports Your Local Neighbor

In fact, not only are you supporting a small business, but many times throughout the country, communities use Christmas tree sales as charity events or fundraisers for charities. The Huffington Post reported that Christmas trees were being sold in order to raise money for food for the homeless. Many Christmas tree sales are often fundraising events for local fire departments, veterans, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, and other charities. You can support your local Dallas, TX community through the purchase of a real Christmas Tree.

Ready to Choose Team Real Christmas Tree?

If you want to be more environmentally friendly, community-minded, and Christmas cheer-filled, choose a real tree this year! HemingwayHill, a Christmas Tree farm near Dallas, TX, has 6’, 7’, and a limited amount of 9’ trees ready for pre-order. Make a Christmas memory choosing a tree, and feel good knowing you are supporting your local economy, community, and environment. Call today to pre-order yours!